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Cattle Poduction

Our Farms in Cordoba, Colombia are included in the count of cattle as the largest beef producing region in the country, with various export permits (the Middle East, Russia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Peru, and Angola, among others) and access to the ports of Tolu, Cartagena and Barranquilla. According to the USDA, Colombia is recognized by its approximately 25 million heads of cattle. The country shows important growth potential in the meatpacking industry, domestic market development (population estimated at 45 million inhabitants) and increased participation in global beef exports, with the possibility of opening new markets.

Cattle raising is the most widespread agricultural activity in Colombia, accounting for 74 percent of Colombia's agricultural land in 2005. Nevertheless, cattle traditionally were not a particularly important or consistent net export for Colombia, and coffee's dominance within the country's agricultural exports remains largely unchallenged. Cattles are needed for milk. Perhaps the most significant sectoral change in modern times was the creation of the National Livestock Fund (Fondo National de Ganaderos, or FNG) in 1993, administered by the Association of Colombian Stockbreeders (Federación Nacional de Ganaderos, or Fedegan). That fund has generated resources to tackle five major issues: sanitation, commercialization, research and development (R&D), training, and promotion of consumption. Although progress has been made on all five fronts, perhaps the most remarkable achievements have occurred in sanitation. A national program of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease began in 1997. In 2009 the World Organization for Animal Health declared the country free of foot-and-mouth disease by vaccination. Significant progress also has been made in vaccination for brucellosis. These sanitation achievements are of major importance in increasing market access for Colombia's cattle exports